Equipping Class - Finances

Join us for our latest Equipping Class on the subject of Finances beginning January 21st at 8:30AM in the College Room.  This class is meant to help us develop a biblical perspective in relation to money.  We will have approximately 40 minutes of teaching time followed by 10-15 minutes on budgeting and open discussion with a Q & A panel.  

The schedule of topics and speakers will be as follows:

Week 1: Comprehending Stewarship / Led by Mark Severance

Week 2: Cultivating Generosity / Led by Marshall Walter

Week 3: Creating Contentment / Led by Steve Munday

Week 4: Caring for the Future / Led by Jose Corral & Mike Fine

Week 5: Creating the Budget / Led by Marc Koster

Week 6: Personal Budgeting Assistance / Led by Marshall Walter